Exemplify Your Life


Moxie. The dictionary defines this word as a slang noun meaning: vigor, pep, courage, aggressiveness, skill, know-how. I chose this word to help me craft my life this year. I have a lot of moxie when it comes to keeping my home or doing a craft, but I have found that I don’t have moxie in the area of my work ethic and ministry follow-through.

In 2015, I chose the word Hope. I had flat-lined emotionally and needed to look at life through the lenses of hope. I can honestly tell you that by the middle of the year, my emotions and thoughts were lifted and my outlook on life was now based on waiting and watching for God and not waiting and watching for me. I had found Bible verses about hope and wrote them down and placed them where I could see them daily. I found hope!

My husband and I recently led a short study by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen entitled “My One Word.” It’s an easy, short read and I believe it could be a wonderful opportunity for you to see how God can work in your life in one focused area. So once again, I picked a word to look at life through. It has only been a little over a week and I have already used my “moxie” to set up a monthly business and ministry meeting. I read a devotional about Paul and Silas of the Bible. They were in a horrible prison, in chains, and yet in their darkest hour, they praised God. So, even in the Bible, I found folks with moxie!

The book also tells you to find Bible verses to back up your word for the year. I chose Galatians 6:9 which says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

So I’m gonna take my word and my verse and use it and find it every opportunity I get. My thesaurus also gave me some back-up words for moxie such as – grit, guts, gumption and get-up-and-go! I want that in my life. I want it in my spiritual life, my physical life, my marriage, and in my family life.

Your one word will not convey where you are now but where you are headed. In Dan’s and my study, some folks have chosen so many different words. One woman wants focus in her life. A man wants to be better at prioritizing people and things in his life. Another woman chose the word “mother” to work on. That may seem silly, but she wants to truly embrace what being a mom looks like and all that it means.

As a blended family mom, you can probably think of many words that might help you become more focused in an area or more approachable, loving, giving, or even forgiving. I challenge you to find a word that you want to exemplify your life and then research that word. Find Bible verses related to your word to encourage you. Write out your word and stick it up wherever you need to see it and be reminded that you don’t have to stay stuck in your life. Bit by bit, word by word, we can open ourselves up to change and improvement! Now that is using some moxie!

Blessings in your Blending!

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