“How Long, O Lord?”

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The hubs and I were reading a Max Lucado devotional recently and it definitely struck a nerve. Max reminded us that God’s timing is never too late. We recall the story of Abraham and how he and his wife waited a lifetime for a promised son. Then there is Moses and he wandered in the desert for forty years before his people entered a promised land. And then Jesus, who waited thirty years before his ministry began – to bring us God’s promised redemption, salvation and eternal life.

Now I believe that God is really trying to tell me something this morning, because in my personal Bible study in John chapter 11, we have the story of Lazarus. He became sick and word was sent to Jesus, but Jesus did not stop and go to him immediately. In fact, Lazarus died. By the time Jesus showed up, Lazarus had been in a tomb for four days. We think the story ends here, but again, God’s timing is never too late. Jesus had the stone rolled away from the tomb and called for Lazarus to come out … and he did. Jesus saved, brought back to life in His timing – perfect timing.

Let me ask you, what if Abraham would have divorced Sarah and found another woman to have children with? What would have happened if Moses got tired of wandering in the desert, leading the Israelites and decided to take a vacation? What would have happened if Jesus had decided to give up on fulfilling his calling to come to earth as a man and save us?  And what about Lazarus, what would have happened if Jesus didn’t raise him back to life?

The joy, the wonderment, the promises all came from the waiting. This brings me such peace today as Dan and I look forward to his graduation from Seminary and our new steps into a life of full-time ministry. Yes, we have angst and feel a bit clueless at times. Yes, we have sometimes wanted to abandon the ministry and just go get a normal job. But I am encouraged today to take my own advice – just hang in there.

God’s timing is not my timing. God’s timing will not be too late. God’s timing will bring about a harvest for His glory and His purpose. When I take matters into my own hands, there is chaos and confusion. I know, I’ve done it many times.

When I have quieted myself and prayed and then waited, I have found God faithful every time to meet my needs and then amazingly, bless the socks off of me.

As a blended family mom, I know you are in a hard place today. I can understand that you would sometimes want to chunk it all and walk out on this dysfunctional family. You don’t feel appreciated. Your step kids hate you. Your husband doesn’t know how to make this family work either.

Please listen to me … I want you to hang in there. The promise comes in the waiting. The victory comes after the battle. I want you to ask God for the patience and guidance needed to wait for Him to move your family into a nurturing and thriving family. It can be done. I’m praying it doesn’t take forty years in the desert … But even if it did, the Promised Land is so worth it!

Blessings in your Blending!

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