Rabbit Holes

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Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” was the theme for a ladies retreat that I recently spoke at. After watching the movie numerous times, I found myself drawn to Alice’s responses to falling down a rabbit hole.

One, Alice had to face the unknown. There was no going back. Two, Alice had choices – she could curl up in a ball and hope someday to wake up or be rescued, or she could look for ways out – perhaps a door even. Three, Alice had a sense of wonderment during this strange journey; actually, she said it was “curious-er and curious-er.”

Four, she had clues along the way – signs that said “eat me” or “drink me.” Five, Alice found tools along her way – a bottle of potion a piece of cake and a key. Six, Alice realizes that her being in Wonderland was to accomplish a purpose – even if it was just a dream. Her purpose was to slay the Jabberwocky. If she refused, all of Wonderland would be changed forever – for the worse.

Of course, we know the ending of the story. Alice finds the power and strength within and the courage to fight for the “Mad as Hatter” inhabitants of Wonderland.

Have you found yourself in a rabbit hole? Maybe you slipped and fell into this predicament you are in now. Maybe you jumped with both feet into the rabbit hole – expecting wonderful, romantic things and now you are facing some harsh realities about marriage and blending your family. Maybe you were pushed into a rabbit hole – as I felt I was when my first husband died. No matter how you got in your rabbit hole — let’s look at how to find your way out!

One, there is no way back. That is the attitude I took after I married Dan. I jumped into that rabbit hole – marrying him and becoming a step mom so confidently. It took only weeks for me to realize I was in an unknown place but backing out was not an option for me.

Two, I had some choices. I could lock myself in my room until Dan’s kids moved out, or I could look for ways to move forward.

Three, I tried to keep my wonderment – to find ways to have fun with this new family and look for reasons to laugh.

Four, I had clues along the way. I found signs that encouraged me to ‘read this’ or ‘sing that’.

Five, I was provided with tools for my journey – a Bible to find scripture to help or comfort me, a counselor who gave godly advice. I also started a journal that helped me put my thoughts down and sort out my feelings.

Six, I found my purpose! Through this rabbit hole, I realized my journey, my voice, could be used to help others in their place of the unknown.

I think I’m going to appreciate Alice and her journey in Wonderland. It really has opened my eyes to be prepared for the next rabbit hole I end up in.

I have also seen that the rabbit holes are God’s way of preparing me for what’s next in life – to help me be more ‘usable’ to Him for Him and His purposes. I love this saying, “God will not protect you from what He will perfect you through.”

Each rabbit hole experience teaches me many things. My first husband’s death taught me about love, being responsible, and drawing closer to God. My blended family has taught me so much also – compassion, understanding, and a bigger picture of how God works in my life.

All the rabbit holes I’ve ever been in we’re definitely the unknown to me. Sometimes scared. Sometimes giddy with anticipation but still clueless. But, “You don’t have to be afraid of the unknown. It is unknown only to you. God is well aware of where you are and of every step He is asking you to take.”

It is sometimes in the rabbit holes you find your purpose. It is sometimes in the rabbit holes you find what an amazing, precious God He is. It is sometimes in the rabbit holes you find out what you are really made of through Jesus Christ. And just as Alice slayed the Jabberwocky and found her voice, courage and strength, God will lead you to that as well – and that is pure, precious victory!

Blessings in your Blending!!

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