Sin Always Rises to the Top


One of the great lessons I have learned in life is that ‘Sin always rises to the top’.  What I’m basically saying is when you have hidden something away, such as a lie, or any other sin, in time, it will surface back up to the top of our lives. I’ve seen it happen over and over again… I’ve even had it proved to myself by myself.  Very humbling. Very shameful.

But before I could move any further along in life, God made a way for my sin to resurface so that I could deal with it – remove it – and finally move forward in life.  This is one of the ways God uses to refine us – make us holy and pure.  It can be a painful process, but a necessary one as God transforms our lives.

The Bible parallels our refinement with the process of refining silver.  This is a perfect picture to me.  We all start out pretty jagged and rough with much debris around us. We are put into a melting pot and then heat is applied.

As we go through the trials and struggles of life, as we endure and persevere in the heat and pressure, the impurities (or dross) begin to form on the surface of the melting pot. The refiner is then able to skim off the dross.  This process takes place many times.  In one story I read, a woman asked a silversmith how many times it takes to have the silver ready to be used. His answer was “when I can see my own reflection in the silver.”

Isn’t that exactly what God is doing with each one of us?  He allows us to go in the melting pot of being tested and tried – not to destroy us – but to sift off all the debris and jagged rough edges and then skim off the smaller impurities that can hold us back from being all that God would have us be – until we can reflect Him. Psalm 66:10 says, “You have tried us, O God; You have refined us as silver is refined”.

As a stepmom, I can bet that most of you are in a melting pot as I speak!  I want to encourage you to ask God to sift out the rough and jagged debris in your life.  Ask Him to help you release your grip on sins that maybe you want to hang on to.  Ask Him to skim off the sins of selfishness and pride, greed or feelings of entitlement. Ask God to purify you so that you may be used as His vessel in your blended family – to be of service to them – yes – to serve them.

As you live on this earth, be aware of some of the sins that God is wanting to skim off your life.  I can tell you that those sins will keep ‘rising to the top’ if they don’t get skimmed off.  I am believing that as we submit to God – and submit to the ‘heat’ and pressure of this life that He allows us to undergo – and we let the debris and dross be removed – we just might see a reflection of Him!

Blessings in your Blending!

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