Cows and Hope

Cows and hope. This has been my journey for over a month.

I believe I had lost hope. I trusted God for my future and ministry, but quit allowing myself to dream and have hopes about how the ministry could potentially look like. I was doing the work but not expecting anything amazing.

The cow has been a goal. My Sunday school class wanted to raise money throughout the year and be able to purchase a cow for a family through World Vision. The class had the opportunity to earn money by painting a rent house. It became tiring. I became distraught.

God has taught me many lessons from searching for hope and painting for a cow.

First, it is truly an honor to work hard, sweat, and be diligent to offer hope to another. How often do we make a sacrifice for another? We are so blessed and yet allow trivial life activities and non-essentials to fill up our time so as we hardly think of helping someone else. Please consider using your time and ability to extend hope to another. Your family will learn great lessons from you leading them in serving someone in need.

Second, when you stop focusing on you – your comfort, your pleasures – and pour some selflessness and hard work for another, you end up gaining hope. You find hope in the possibility of making a family’s life easier. You find hope in the knowledge that God gave you the strength, endurance, and resources to lend a hand to another. You find hope in Christ to pour yourself out selflessly again and again. Romans 5:5 says, “And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.”

When you draw from the strength and power of our Lord Jesus Christ, we find a hope in Him that will not disappoint us – but leave us smiling and in awe of the magnificence of our God.

So through the simple task of painting a house to earn money for a cow and my search for hope, I have found both. They both required stepping out of my comfort zone and placing importance on someone else. God took my meager offering and brought life, joy… and hope.


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