A Posture of Thanksgiving

Some time ago, I was reading a devotional and it suggested that I take a Psalm and rewrite it as my own prayer – an homage to God. Normally, I don’t stop and take the time to do things like this, but my heart was drawn immediately. I must say, I have gone back numerous times to reread those words. This ‘scripture-turned-prayer’ exercise is so beneficial. As a blended family mom – or anyone else, actually, I am believing that if you will take some minutes in a day to rewrite your own Psalm, you will find yourself returning to those words time and time again and feeling, knowing and remembering God’s presence.

I am currently doing a Bible study by Priscilla Shirer on Jonah. She outlines a guide for prayer that Jonah used. Priscilla’s three points on prayer are: a pattern, a passion, and a posture.

Jonah prayed to God using a pattern – in other words, he used God’s Word back to Him. A wonderful way to do this is to find a Psalm or any other passage in the Bible and rewrite it as your words reflecting on God and to God.

Next, Jonah had passion – of course, he was in the belly of a big fish – I guess I would have quite a bit of passion if ever in that situation. But Jonah was desperate…he knew he had sinned. He knew God was disciplining him. He cried out for God to save him and if given the opportunity, he would get back on the path of obedience and do God’s will.

Lastly, Jonah used a posture of thanksgiving. God was still with Jonah – knew the very bowels of the fish and the ocean that had overtaken him. Jonah was able to see God’s provision for his life – even up to that point. Jonah then vowed to walk in obedience – with thanksgiving. He still didn’t like God’s plan – but nonetheless, knew that his life would forever be in a pit if he was not willing to walk in obedience.

Oh step mom, oh mother, oh wife … you are going to find numerous times where you are in a situation you don’t want to be in or having to do something you don’t want to do. God already knows the bowels of your situation, the deep water threatening to engulf you. Make sure that you pray with a posture of thanksgiving as you reflect God’s Word back to Him with passion. The following is my pattern – my prayer to God of Psalm 121.

Psalm 121

I’ve been walking with my head down – eyes focused on the ground.

My sphere of vision is so limited – dirt, rocks, debris, problems and ugliness.

But He calls to me – “Look up child!”

I look up and it seems I’ve been blind and am seeing life for the first time.

Beauty, light, art – His glory.

God is the One who guides me.

As I travel from dark and valley towards light and hill,

He plants my every step.

I can be sure footed following Him.

He leads me from snare and stronghold.

My pace quickens – my confidence soars.

Even when I venture sporadically – He is always there for He never sleeps or rests – He is always at ready.

God is the One who protects me.

I am learning to walk in victory – for it is He that shades me – providing a barrier from harm.

I am covered by His wing – everyday – all my life.

I am watched over – whether here or there…

God is the One who loves me!

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