25 Gifts of Christmas – Day 25

I’m praying this last gift will take you through the rest of your life … to Live, Laugh and Love. My first husband died at such a young age – 32, yet he still taught me many things. He LIVED — he enjoyed life. We may not have had much, but we took the time to go on vacations, be spontaneous, and spend quality time with family. You have lots of choices in life – choose your spouse; choose family; choose to make a life worth living! He LAUGHED. I can still remember how his face crinkled up when he laughed … I look for that in my kids’ faces. Experts say that a good belly laugh will help aid your digestion, and it will help your immune system and your emotional system! Life is gonna be tough – find your way through it with finding the humor in it! He LOVED. He had some challenging family dynamics, but was always ready to “go back into the ring” for another round (LOL)! The beauty of this is that his heart showed through – his determination to not give up and to keep reaching out. I have lived to see that pay off. There is, however, one catch to today’s gift: you will never fully experience it without the joy that comes from knowing a Savior – Jesus Christ. He gives us a purpose to live; He gives us a happiness to laugh; and He gives us the ability to love deeper and more fully. If you do not know Jesus, I’d like to introduce Him to you. He brings all the gifts that will satisfy your deepest longings. He will lift burdens, bring purpose, provide a way, and protect a path. He IS life, laughter and Love … Merry Christmas!

Day 25

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