25 Gifts of Christmas – Day 13

Did you light a candle to remember someone yesterday? Post a comment and let me know who you remembered …

Here’s today’s gift:
My gift to you today is creativity! Sometimes we think that we are not creative enough or crafty enough to do something with our kiddos “from scratch!” Believe me … YOU can! I got to make Christmas ornaments with kids and grandkids during a recent visit. We used the special-edition holiday Coca Cola bottles; we emptied the soda, then poured in some paint and swirled it around. Then we took fun stickers (bought intentionally with each child in mind) and stuck and taped and such! I personalized mine with our name and the year. You can then tie ribbon around the cap and hang from the tree. See … isn’t that easy! Every child in your home needs and wants to spend time with you doing something that will inspire creativity, warmth and love. In fact, you need that in return also! Merry Christmas!

Day 13a Day 13b Day 13c

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