25 Gifts of Christmas – Day 8

How did you do on your letter/email from yesterday? I’d love to know! Send me an email: theblendedfamilymom@gmail.com

Here’s today’s gift:

“Whatever you need to think to get you through the day.”
This is one of my favorite sayings … often used when I find I am in disagreement with others (smile). After all, we are not cookie-cutter people. God made us all uniquely different in looks, thoughts and feelings.
So my gift to you today is forgiveness; because somewhere between you getting out of bed and the next 30 minutes, I bet you are going to have a feeling or two hurt. Allow folks to be human. Quit expecting perfection, and realize that we all are just trying to get through the day.
Experience some freedom today — shake off the “shackles” you’ve been holding onto against others; those chains are only strangling you, not the one you haven’t forgiven.
Merry Christmas!

Day 8

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