25 Gifts of Christmas – Day 5

Did you find a way to “blend and bend” yesterday?

Here is today’s gift:
Today’s gift is special memories. After my first husband died, I didn’t want anything in my life to remain the same – I even bought new dishes! But as much as I didn’t want reminders of the past, there was still much value from allowing memories into my present. The Christmas tree in the picture was made by my mom and I during the 1970’s when ceramics were popular. How funny that I really wasn’t to keen on it when she was alive…but now it is one of my favorite things of hers that’s been left behind. As you blend your family, you will need to give and take in some areas and then compromise in other areas. Remember to allow your husband and his children to bring into the season the special memories from their past into the present. Don’t feel threatened – but encourage them that their hearts are safe to share.
Merry Christmas!

Day 5

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