25 Gifts of Christmas – Day 4

Did you find a way to spread the “gift” of light yesterday?

Here is today’s gift:
Today I want to give you the gift of blending and bending. How do blended families do ‘tradition’? When Dan and I married, he had a Christmas tree-top angel and my kids and I had our tree-top angel. So whose angel was going to be on the Christmas tree? Such a small blip in life but I remember having some negative feelings about it. As usual, my brain kicked into gear to try to find some common ground – and I did! It was a star! I took both of our family angels and placed them in a curio cabinet where special mementos are kept. We then went and found a new tree top ornament – together. Sometimes blending your family means ‘bending’. As this season gets chaotic and stressful, look for ways to bend so that your blended family will not be distracted from the real Reason for the Season! Merry Christmas!

Day 4

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