25 Gifts of Christmas – Day 1

I decided to count down to Christmas a little differently this year; and since there are an increasing number of you out there following my blog, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. (thank you, by the way!!), I’m inviting you to make the journey with me! I hope you are blessed, encouraged, and maybe even get a little chuckle too! I’ll do my best to post it at the same time every day (@Noon CST) so you’ll know when to be on the lookout for the post!

Day 1
I want you to remember to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the season – the birth of a baby and the magical time that must have been – angels, shepherds, wise men…oh my!  So I want to be a part of this special time and offer gifts to you!
My first gift to you is to offer you health. Please take time to take care of you…cuz nothing is going to get done for anyone else if you are down and ill.  Go get a wide-mouthed water bottle (I got a Voss) and then you can add a touch of festive-ness! I used fresh cranberries, lemon slices, sprigs of spearmint and slices of cucumbers.  I try to make this up the night before so that ingredients have time to flavor the water.  (This is also a great combination for a detox – you might as well shed a pound or so!)  I, of course, had to drill a hole in the top of the lid to put a long straw and then put some decorative stickers on.  Normal is so blasé to me! Besides, life is short – might as well glam it up a bit!
Merry Christmas!

Day 1

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