Hang In! Hang On!

Hang in! Hang on! I recently had an interview with a gal from a magazine doing a story about blended families. As I answered her questions and took a small trip down memory lane to the beginning of our blended family, I started feeling almost giddy!
I am so excited to share with each of you that with time, patience, perseverance, dedication, and a focus on what your family can look like in the future … YOU CAN DO THIS BLENDED FAMILY THING!
Dan and I have really come through quite a bit. I bet you have had some whoppers of struggles too. Take heart. You are not alone. At some point down the road, you are going to stop and reflect and … get giddy!
You will be smiling from ear to ear that God got you through some tough stuff, bonded relationships, and you didn’t kill anyone in the process!
I just love each and every one of you on this journey. You have a special heart to even think about attempting to be a part of a blended family. God has given you what you need to be where you are. This family needs you. And … you need this family.
Don’t stop short of the finish line, cuz the view from here is spectacular!!
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