Build for a Special Purpose

I love the story of Noah. Talk about your one man against the world!  In Genesis 6:5 it tells us that God saw the wickedness of man in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. The passage goes on to say that God was sorry he created man and so He was going to destroy man along with all other living creatures. Then comes these short and beautiful words in verse 8; “but Noah found favor in eyes of The Lord”. So if I had never heard the story of Noah, I probably would have assumed the fairy tale version where God waved a magic wand and removed all the bad people and Noah and his family lived happily ever after. After all, Noah found God’s favor – he was considered special and loved. Well, God is God and fairy tales are just that … not real. Instead of making it easy on Noah, God requested that Noah build a boat – a gigantic boat. It was about the length of a football field and almost as wide. I can’t imagine making something like that from wood – by hand – with God-given exact specifications. It doesn’t tell us how long it took Noah and his sons – the point is that he did it. So let’s take the sheer enormity of this project and then throw in his neighbors and townspeople teasing and hurling insults at Noah. Again, I can’t imagine continuing to work day after day on something impossible and then also have to endure absolutely no support from those around him.

Can you relate?  Does your blended family feel like a huge project that will never see completion?

When I married Dan I was expecting the fairy tale version. We were in love and therefore, I thought this newly formed family would just come together in unity and love!  But God wanted something more from me. He required me to build this family. He had specifications. It was an impossible project. It took years and years (and we are still building). I had friends who thought I was heading down a wrong path. The marriage statistics were absolutely against us. Yet God provided tools for the project and patted my fanny and told me to get going!  Some of those tools took the form or counseling. A big tool was my journaling and then sharing that with my husband. It gave him the opportunity to see my heart and my struggles. Of course, God and His Word were the biggest tools. God required me to use the tools of love and compassion, understanding and guidance and many others.

Looking back, I can honestly say that it was the hard work that brought about the greatest results. It was the tears and sweat that brought the most joy. It was the trials and struggles that brought about the sweetest victories.

God saved Noah and his family for God’s special purposes. God is going to ‘save’ your unique, beautiful family also – for His glory and His purposes. Here’s the challenge though – you are going to have to start building. Don’t give up. It may be the most difficult project of your life – but I can guarantee that is will be the most rewarding. Remember, God will supply all the tools you need. You have an opportunity to show the world how a family of second, third, fourth or more chances can survive the storms and live.

So you better get started … cuz I’m smelling some rain!

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