Solar Lights

I almost always have a project going – or at least I am scheming and dreaming of my next one. Home improvement is my thing. I may not be a master craftsman or the most dazzling designer, but I do have skills. I call myself the Southern Engineering Domestic Diva! My daddy raised me to come up with ideas and then figure out how to make them happen. I think that is a wonderful gift he has given to me. So the project of the month is solar lights. I know you can take these lights and just stake them in the ground. Been there and done that. But I wanted something more permanence and beauty. I found great ideas on the Pinterest website and it wasn’t long before I was purchasing lawn timbers, concrete and solar lights. My 88-year-old dad helped – he held the timbers while I ran the circular saw. I put three varying heights of the timbers in a plant bucket and then filled around with concrete. This way I can dig a hole in the ground, place the bucket in the hole and then all you see is the timbers with the lights sticking out of each end. My hubby drilled a hole in each timber so that the solar lights just slip down inside each hole. We got to set them out the other night to see how they would look and how far apart to place them around our front and back yard. I was so pleased to see how they looked – it added permanence and beauty. And … then it got me to thinking. Solar lights don’t really work without the gathering of sunlight into their power cells. Without the power of the sun, their light grows dimmer and dimmer – and then when there are long periods without any sun, the solar light is lifeless. Our Christian walk is so much the same way. So many of us decide we believe in God and ask Jesus to come into our hearts. We start off reading our Bibles and going to church. The light of Jesus shines brightly within us. Then the storms come. The clouds cover and darkness hits. We forget to open our Bibles and just don’t feel like getting up and getting dressed to make it to church. The light of Jesus is still there – the power cell is still ready to receive – but we have not absorbed enough of Him and His Word to be able to emit much light to anyone else around us. Psalm 119:105 says, “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” In other words, we have the glorious provision of Jesus to guide our lives – but the power to light the way comes from absorbing the amazing and wonderful word of God – the Bible. In John 8:12, Jesus says, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.” As a wife, as a mom – as a woman, decide today to get some Son. I’m not talking about tanning!   I’m talking about the Savior – Jesus Christ. Stop the busyness and get your power cell recharged. Find a quiet spot to pray and visit with God. Plan ten minutes today to open your Bible and start reading. Listen to the Bible on your smartphone. Whatever you do, make sure you expose yourself to the Light — His Light – that has the power to guide your life and then in turn, will help light the way for others. Now that is what I call heart improvement – and that certainly adds permanence and beauty!

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