For Such a Time As This


I love the story of Esther in the Bible. She was supposed to find a husband in her town of Susa where her cousin Mordecai had raised her. She was supposed to marry a Jew. She maybe had hopes and dreams of marrying one of the local boys that had caught her eye. She was supposed to stay close to family since both her parents had died early in her life.
So many supposed things, but God had other plans. Esther was swept up into a harem at the royal palace. She was with strangers, and suddenly living a strange life. She also had to be secretive about her being a Jew. Now comes the good part. King Xerxes finds favor with Esther and through a wonderful mystery romance, she saves the Jews and becomes queen!
How many dreams and hopes did you supposed would happen in your young life? Did you ever suppose you would be married more than once? Did you ever think you would have to go through the agony of divorce or abandonment? Did you ever dream of having step children? I’m gonna guess that these were not a part of your grand vision for your life.
Let me encourage you though – you are an Esther! Don’t ever think that you have messed up your life so badly that it can’t be amazing and influential from here on. Don’t ever think that your circumstances prevent the happy ending. When we face the most struggle in our lives, I believe that God is working the hardest to shape, mold and create us to become mighty women for Him and His kingdom. Esther 4:14 says, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther went through unsure times, fearful times, and then truly relied on God to show her how to save her people and herself.
As a step mom, you are probably facing many difficulties. I know that I have been jealous of my husband’s relationship with his children. I lived in the knowledge that for the first few years of our marriage, my husband would have prioritized his children over me. My daughter didn’t want anything to do with my new husband for almost 2 years. I had issues with how much authority I actually had with my step children. The list goes on. But years ago, I was encouraged when I read the story of Esther – and maybe I was placed in this blended family for “such a time as this.” My accomplishments are not as glamorous as Queen Esther’s – but being an instrument used by God to blend two families and keep a marriage intact is a pretty nice claim to fame!

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